I'm bored
What are fun things to bake? Bonus points for making meaningful use of coconut oil, of which I bought a jar for homemade makeup experiments which only used like maybe 1/8th of what I have. (I know I can probably substitute coconut oil for most things, and also it's processed in some way which means it no longer tastes like coconut. So probably I will just end up using it instead of whatever oil my recipe calls for, but.)

edit: I ended up making tahini chocolate chip cookies, haphazardly adapted from this recipe: http://www.dessertfortwo.com/2014/03/tahini-chocolate-chunk-cookies/ which I didn't realize was scaled for two servings until I'd gotten partway in, so then I quadrupled the proportions on the fly, except I didn't really believe that I needed four eggs so I only used two ... They came out very crumbly and oily, but also quite delicious.


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