also, hello
I graduated from Harvard!

Um! I probably did some other things between finishing my thesis in March and graduating, also? I'm sorry to any friends who are having a hard time keeping track of what's up in my life. I'm very much not good at keeping a diary, whether it's public or not. (If you like using chat services, I am more or less constantly on Google chat, Skype, Facebook chat, and AIM (though not the last lately, but I should get it set back up again soon), and I'm pretty good at keeping people updated via those. I'm also on Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter a lot (the latter two of which are mainly reposts of the first) but I use them more for spreading things I find awesome than for talking about myself.)

I pretty much chilled for the last several months of my time at Harvard. I've been focusing as much as possible on job applications and finishing up Sassafrass kickstarter things. Right now I'm pretty sick, but once that wears off I'm going to start chipping away on those two seemingly-endless tasks again. Also I need to go through the various things of mine I've been storing at my parents' house and basically recategorize everything I own into "take with me", "leave in Newton", and "get rid of".

Take with me where? To New York! I'm moving to New York soon, probably around the end of June, but the timing isn't exact yet because I don't know when an apartment will be available to me/whether I'll need to be there sooner for any reason. (Apartment recommendations are possibly worthwhile, but it's kinda complicated because I'll be moving in with Adam, who needs to be fairly close to his work which is downtown, meaning my range of possible places to live is limited and does not include most cheap neighborhoods. Sigh.) I'm quite excited for the move, and more generally for getting out into the world on my own. The plan is to work in publishing, with the possible further plan of grad school eventually. (Job recommendations are VERY appreciated if you have them.)

If you live around Boston, we should hang out before I leave! I'm in Newton, more or less free all the time, and can often borrow my parents' car or bike to things, but I need advance warning for either. I also can't guarantee I'll be available in the immediate future because I'm too sick to bike long distances like Newton to Cambridge, or to drive. (This doesn't mean I'm crazy sick, I just really hate driving and am bad at it, so feel that the degree of exhaustion/out-of-it-ness that comes with even a moderate cold is enough to suggest I shouldn't do it.)

How are you all doing?


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