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PSA: going off LJ for a while
In the interest of hoarding my spoons for use exclusively on my thesis, I will be quitting most social media, including LJ, until March 3 (the due date). If you need to get in touch with me, try e-mail or phone.

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Good luck, and kudos on hoarding spoons. I always have trouble with that.

If you are reading this before signing off, good luck! The last few months of my thesis in undergrad were ... probably the most challenging of my life to date at that point, but well worth it. Do take care of yourself in the process! It sounds like you are already making conscientious choices on that front.

If you are reading this after returning from your hiatus, congratulations!!! Welcome back.

(Avoiding forced binaries: and if you end your hiatus early I assume it's for a good reason, so congrats on making that decision).

Grace and good fortune attend you!

(If you need to rant, you know where to find me. Tea on offer if needed.)


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